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August 16, 2018

Blackkklansman - Spike Lee

Probably the most nervous I have ever been in a movie theatre -- except for time I was a young teen and jumped out of my seat watching Night of the Living Dead. During the whole KKK movie I sat there petrified that one of the klansmen was going to discover that Ron Stallworth was black! Also since I never heard this story I feared the ending would be horrific.


Not recommended for those with high blood pressure issues, but what a fine film. The acting was amazing all around. Jordan Peele scores another hit.


Jasper Johns - I watched this Australian flick on TV and loved it. Such good acting from the kids. What a surprise to find Toni Collette starring as the mom in the story. Great treatment of sensitive issues.


Lover, Come Back on TCM. Still watchable, a classic. Brings me back to days when I sat in the Main Street movie theatre with my best friend, Elaine, watching Rock Hudson and Doris Day movies and a second feature, usually a Western. We would watch the two movies over a second time in case we missed anything by coming in whenever we felt like it.

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